William’s wellbeing journey: a success story

William Brooker, 30, is a resident of Northampton and a Northampton Partnership Homes (NPH) tenant. William was referred to First for Wellbeing in October 2016 via NPH after he was refused his personal independence payments (PIP) and wanted help to appeal.

William was assigned a dedicated advisor, Linda O’Connell, who took him through First for Wellbeing’s specifically-developed online wellbeing assessment, which found a number of key ‘priority’ areas, including weight management, social and financial support.

William was highly stressed and anxious when I first met with him – he had been thrown around from service to service with much disregard for his physical and emotional state

“William had lost his Disability Living Allowance and had been refused Personal Independence Pay, and was a bit all over the place in terms of his purpose and his physical and emotional health,” Linda said.

“We made some referrals to kick things off – one to Community Law, for help with a review of William’s benefits and to appeal his application for PIP. William was also given links to research information, including Citizen’s Advice and advice regarding his rights on how to appeal.”

“William’s physical and emotional health was also a concern, so we referred him to Weight Watchers for a free programme to start his way on to a healthy lifestyle, and directed him to Learn2B for some relaxation and anxiety group support,” she said.

Through these referrals, links and support, William is well on his way to getting his housing situation in order, and getting involved in community groups and activities. He is now very active in the community and looks forward to what else the future holds for him.

Just four months after his very first appointment, William said he felt “like a new person”.

“I first heard about First for Wellbeing through Northampton Partnership Homes, and the information given to me was excellent,” he said.

My advisor, Linda, was very friendly and understanding with my situation, and helped me to join Weight Watchers to help lose weight and control my diet. I also got information on how to be more confident and socially active in my day-to-day life.

The most important thing, William explains, is that he has gained his independence back through volunteering, socialising and attending a number of personal development courses and groups.

“My experience with First for Wellbeing has been really helpful and enjoyable in changing my life for the better,” he said.

I am more confident, calmer and generally feel like a new person – a busy person! – that even my family can’t believe the changes.

“I hope to live a much healthier, stress-free, active lifestyle and, while I no longer need the support of First for Wellbeing, I know where to find them if I do.”

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