Public Health Northants

On 1/9/18, First for Wellbeing moved back into NCC to join the Public Health team.

This transition has no direct impact on service delivery.

Contact details for individuals and services will remain the same.

The First for wellbeing logo and brand will continue to be used by the services.

The idea behind the brand remains, working together with public, private and voluntary sectors to improve and streamline existing services, and to create new and innovative ways to help people live the best life they possibly can.

Our aim is to build up a community of ‘wellbeing experts’ to:

  • Provide an effective, integrated service that prevents poor physical and mental health in the county
  • Provide a bespoke service – treat each and every person as an individual
  • Support people to effectively balance all aspects of their wellbeing
  • Take a community-wide approach – draw on the very best of public, private and voluntary sectors to deliver a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing