Healthy Workplaces

First for Wellbeing offers a range of bespoke corporate health and wellbeing packages to suit your individual business and employee needs.

By investing in the wellbeing of your employees, you are in investing in the future success of your business.

Providing the tools for your employees to stay fit, healthy, happy and motivated is the key to a thriving business.

Building a healthy business

More than just an improvement of individual physical and emotional health, a corporate wellbeing programme is proven to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Ensure a happier, more engaged team
  • Increase retention of staff
  • Improve engagement with employees
  • Reduce sick days and workplace illness
  • Boost your external brand, putting you higher on the list as an ‘employer of choice’
  • Improve your bottom line.


First for Wellbeing for business – a bespoke healthy workplaces service

We understand that every business is unique. With this in mind, we offer a bespoke consultation service, where your own personal wellbeing consultant will spend time with you to develop a programme to suit your workplace needs, size and budget.

We offer both one-off programmes to address specific needs – such as smoking, healthy eating, alcohol awareness, mental wellbeing, or team building physical activity – or longer, multi-stream plans that include a range of our selected services.

Drawing on local expertise and a complete suite of in-house wellbeing services, ‘family’ services and partner providers, we are able to provide you with an effective, tailor-made wellbeing programme for you and your staff.

What we offer

  • Bespoke health and wellbeing workplace assessments, policies and action plans
  • Your own dedicated wellbeing consultant
  • A range of health and wellbeing packages
  • Individual health checks and OCTIGO wellbeing assessment
  • Occupational health
  • Team building corporate days – programmes, venues and support
  • Links to recognised local support



Improve your corporate wellbeing today

If you have a question about our service, or want to find out more about how we can help you improve your corporate wellbeing, get in touch!